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Pavaso revolutionizes the way you buy and maintain a home. Forget all the hassle, papers and confusion, Pavaso simplifies the process and incorporates easy-to-use technology, so that buying a home, can be as enjoyable as it is exciting.

Pavaso’s homeownership lifecycle takes care of you and your preferences from day one of the home buying process, through the years of living in your home, and to the day you decide to sell or refinance. Pavaso gives you the ability to fully review and understand all documents, easily communicate with all other parties, and close online with eSignatures and eNotary. After closing, maintain and monitor your home and title with apps to help you continue through the homeownership lifecycle. Finally, whenever the time comes to sell or refinance, effortlessly reconnect with your previous service providers.

The Pavaso Ecosystem

Pavaso helps you...

  • Establish a validated profile. Input your sensitive information into a secure location once, and authenticate your electronic identity.
  • Build your home buying team. Connect and build relationships with service providers who are certified in performing digital closings and providing an exceptional customer experience.
  • Communicate with all parties in one secure place. Organize your contacts and interact, collaborate and communicate with your team in one location with secure instant messaging.
  • Stay up-to-date with your transaction’s progress. Receive real-time notifications throughout the process on the status of your home purchase and when your action is needed.
  • Access to Pavaso Apps. Pavaso has apps to benefit you even after your home closing to help you maintain your home and title.

Here’s what a homebuyer had to say about using Pavaso

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