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Identity verification and character reference just got easier.

IDMAXX provides you with a single place to provide all personal information and authenticate your electronic identity. Easily share this information with your real estate agent, lender, and title company during the process of buying a home.

Simply request personal references from family, friends and professionals who can attest to your information and character. Their responses generate a scored profile that provides a better picture to businesses of who you are, in addition to current faceless methods such as credit scores and paystubs.

Features & Benefits

  • Validate your identity. Confirm that you are who you say you are, both in person and electronically.
  • Provide a legitimacy score for yourself. With an easy-to-understand scoring scale, show your real estate agent, lender and closing agent that you are a valid and trustworthy client.
  • Know who is executing your transaction. Have the ability to see the seller’s public profile to ensure that the person you sit down with at the closing table is the person you’ve been in contact with.
  • Have one safe location for all sensitive information. Enter your information into our secure portal once, instead of multiple times on various website for each document you complete.
  • Gain peace-of-mind. Spend less time worrying about the validity of members, with multiple confirmations of identities in the transaction throughout the process.
  • Continuously grow you score and use it for other identity validation. Because IDMAXX allows you to invite an unlimited number of references, the sky is the limit for your adjusted score.

IDMAXX is currently available in public beta.

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